How to Start Intuitive Eating in 3 Simple Steps
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Experience the Freedom and Confidence of Intuitive Eating 

Intuitive Eating Services

let's get started

Experience the Freedom and Confidence of Intuitive Eating 

Intuitive Eating Services

let's get started

Eat What You Love, Love Who You Are

Experience a new lease on life by changing your thoughts about your body and food

Let go of the exhaustion of following endless diets
It’s time for a                             

Intuitive eating is a sustainable and compassionate approach to your health and wellness

new approach

Let go of the exhaustion of following endless diets.
It’s time for a

Intuitive eating Immersion

Intuitive eating personalized Experience

I want to make sustainable changes to my relationship with food and my body

I want fully-personalised support for creating a new relationship with food and my body

learn more

learn more

Choose Your Path...

Group Coaching

1:1 Coaching

Many women have lived through years of dieting

Trying all the latest diets and counting every calorie. But over time it seems harder to lose weight and keep it off. They find themselves chasing ideals that are impossible to achieve.

All this time they spend focusing on weight and diets is crushing them, and they end up missing out on life’s pleasures. They avoid socialising, don’t join that dance class they always wanted to do, don’t take the vacation. All because of how restrictive their diet and life’s become and now how under-confident they feel in their body. 

It’s exhausting. But there’s another way to do this. 

I think we agree that diets and quick-fixes don’t work

And the more pressure we put on ourselves to lose the weight or look like what others think we should is damaging us. 

We deserve to be free to enjoy our lives without having to waste time and energy dealing with those endless negative food-body conversations in our head. 

Intuitive eating helps us change our thoughts about our body and our relationship with food, gaining a different perspective and a new lease on life.

Stop dieting and enjoy your life fully and joyfully

Experience mindful and intuitive nutrition support

Embrace your body and food without judgement

Intuitive eating is a non-diet approach to healing your relationship with food. Often our relationship with food is complex and can lead to eating disorders and unwanted weight gain. 

Cutting out and cutting back on what we eat without looking at why we eat means we’re preventing sustainable changes to our health. 

Rather than focusing on diets and what you eat, intuitive eating helps you focus on how you eat, learning to respect your body and listen to your emotions without using food as reward or punishment. 

What is intuitive eating?

Your Intuitive Eating journey starts with an in-depth look at your life

Current habits, beliefs, concerns 
and patterns

Your health and diet history and how you got to where you are today

How you envision your future in regards to your relationship with food and your body

Your Future

Your Past

Your Present

“We were born intuitive eaters and we can peel back our conditioned diet-thinking to reclaim that birthright. Through our sessions you’ll learn to reconnect with your body, so you can hear its signals and prompts loud and clear to understand what you really need, feel confident in your skin and about your food and movement choices"

Christina Becker, Nourish

Intuitive eating Immersion

Intuitive eating personalized Experience

learn more

learn more

Choose Your Path...

Group Coaching

1:1 Coaching

Client's Love

"This was the most personalized guidance I have ever received. I liked how our sessions revolved around my needs and where I felt I was in the process. Christina is wonderful and I appreciate her calm and empathic approach. The sessions were not about "eat this, don't eat that". It was more how I felt eating certain foods but mainly how I felt in my body and in my life." 


Client's Love

"Christina’s philosophy about nutrition goes beyond food…her gentle guidance encompassed what I also needed to feed my soul, and a reminder that I have the inner wisdom to take care of myself and listen to the cues from my body and my heart. Christina is very down-to-earth and relatable. I love her compassion, wisdom, and humor. She helped me become “unstuck,” and provided me with tools and resources that I continue to use. Christina’s contact info will remain in my phone, since she is someone I know I will reach out to again!"


Intuitive Eating Personalized Experience

When you want to explore the deeper reasons for your diet mentality and eating patterns with fully-personalized support and prefer to work individually with an expert in intuitive eating to create a new relationship with food and your body

Book your discovery call to talk about my Intuitive Eating personalized program

let's talk today

Join me, Christina Becker, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Intuitive Eating Coach for a truly personalized experience

Create a clear path towards your health and wellness goals

Heal your relationship with food and your body

Peel away the layers of your conditioned diet thinking

Uncover what really fuels your eating patterns and body image
Learn a healthy and balanced approach to food, your body and life

Discover a caring and compassionate approach to self-acceptance and self-discovery

One-on-one personalized assessment

Detailed self-care assessment and roadmap

Online DEEP DIVE sessions every two weeks for three or six months

Email support between sessions

Access to a confidential CLIENT PORTAL with online log and virtual sessions

Personalized Nourish Method self-care package




7 Sessions

$ 1,250.00

$ 460.00

paid in full

paid in 3 monthly installments


13 Sessions

$ 1,980.00

$ 360.00

paid in full

paid in 6 monthly installments


Client's Love

I started a medication known to cause weight gain in 2019 and I gained over 40 pounds in less than a year. To lose weight I tried a health coach, Noom, and WW.  None of these approaches were sustainable for me.
I somehow happened upon “Intuitive Eating” and listened to the book on Audible. It sounded interesting so I looked up an intuitive eating coach, and I found Christina Becker’s website. I feel like this approach to food and eating has put me back in touch with what my body needs, and I have re-learned how to eat. I’m no longer eating because I’m bored or because it’s time to eat. I don’t have intense sugar cravings any more.  

Christina has helped me with this more than simply reading the book could. I wholeheartedly recommend her coaching
to anyone who wants to reset their eating habits.

Mary S, Sacramento, CA

Client's Love

“I loved being able to talk to someone who I felt was interested in the conversation, like a friend.
I liked being able to be myself without putting up that guard.
Christina made me feel safe and heard. It was a wonderful experience."

Anne W

Client's Love

“There was so much more to my nutrition goals that I didn't even realize at first. I
 was so overwhelmed with the thoughts of "what and how should I eat?" and “I should look this way”, but the sessions brought out some deep rooted feelings of wellness and connecting back with “me”.
What I need. What nourishes me.
 It felt liberating to let go of the “should’s” and focus on my own inner wisdom.”


Let’s talk about the personalized program and I’ll answer your questions

Complete the in-depth Nourish assessment

Start your journey to make peace with food and your body

Join me to make the most of your intuitive eating journey




let's talk today


I’ve tried so many diets already. Will this one work for me?

Luckily Intuitive Eating is not a diet! It is an entirely different approach to health and eating which focuses on ditching the diet mentality so you can make peace with food and your body.


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