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Experience integrative and intuitive nutrition coaching

Embrace your body without judgement

Stop dieting and experience a happy balanced life

Reiki/Energy Healing

Take healing to the next level

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Intuitive Eating

Find a sustainable way to ditch the diets

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Integrative Wellness

Personalized integrative health and wellness coaching

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Corporate Wellness

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As a Registered Dietitian, Public Health Nutritionist, and Integrative Wellness Coach I’ve worked with people from all walks of life, helping them achieve optimal health and well-being through individual coaching and group sessions, talks, and engaging hands-on nutrition workshops. The Nourish Method:

Is always rooted/anchored in mindfulness, self-care, and self-compassion

Blends intuitive eating with an integrative approach

Is inspired by yogic and mindfulness teachings

Aligns with the principles of Health at Every Size (HAES)

Provides a sanctuary amidst a culture of diet-religion, appearance-obsession, and nutrition-wars


Are highly individualized. Each session is tailored to your needs at the time

Are infused with pearls of yoga wisdom, self-care practices, and mindfulness

Intend to deprogram the diet mind-set and feng shui the body image clutter 

Invite you to peel away the beliefs and uncover the habits that got you stuck

‘Nourish’ is YOUR wellness bubble. A safe haven to share, process and heal

Reconnect you with your body, true needs, and taste buds (so you can fall in love with food again)

Allow you to hone in on what you truly need, while establishing YOU as the expert of your body and life

Guide you from "I should" to "I want and will" and, ultimately "I did"

Empower you to break the cycle of dieting and become a ‘normal eater’, for good


let's talk today

No cookie-cutter, no guidelines, diets or one-size-fits- all approach


How Do I Make An Appointment/How do I get started?

Do You Offer In-Person Sessions?

Click here to schedule your free discovery call with Christina/me. In this first meet and greet I can learn more about your needs, answer any questions, and recommend the right program for you.

Already set on your program? Click here to enroll. You’ll be able to complete payment, registration and receive scheduling information/link.

I am available for virtual and phone sessions around the world. I do offer in-person speaking engagements and worksite wellness events in the San Francisco/Bay area and travel upon request.

Can I use my insurance?

I do not accept insurance but can provide a superbill (medical receipt) for you to submit. 

Please contact your insurance directly and inquire about out-of-network benefits to see a registered dietitian (CPT codes: initial session 97802, follow-up sessions 97803) and any relevant requirements such as pre-authorization, amounts covered, and deductible requirements.


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