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Galactic Akashic Records
& Starseed Readings

Remember who you are, clear blocks, and connect with your mission!

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Our Galactic Akashic Records Readings empower you to remember your galactic origins
& feel whole again


Are you a

What are the

The Akashic Records is the Universe’s energetic database storing all information of all souls and all incarnations across time and space.

Every thought, emotion, action, and experience you ever had is recorded here. The Akashic Records go all the way back to the beginning of “time” and include all potentialities of the “future”.

Remember who you are

Bring forth wisdom and skills from other lifetimes

Align with your mission this lifetime

A Galactic Akashic Records Reading
 empowers you to:

NOURISH Starseed Sanctuary

Christina Becker

I’m passionate about guiding other Starseeds and Lightworkers to:

Remember who they are

 while also enjoying this crazy experience called human life:) "

for empowerment

  • Activate memories, gifts, talents, & ancient wisdom
  • Clear & heal root causes of trauma, pain, karma
  • Align with current mission

Past/Parallel Lives

What are the benefits of consulting the Akashic Records?

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Galactic/Starseed Origins

  • Which planet, galaxy, civilization you “originated” from or spend significant lifetimes in
  • How to embrace your starseed lineage and feel more at home on earth

  • Earthly & Ancient Civilization, Galactic, & Cosmic
  • How these affect/inform your current incarnation
  • Why you might feel affinity (or aversion) to certain places, countries, cultures, & time periods

Impact of past/parallel lives & Karma

  • Discover root causes of current “challenges” 
  • Uncover unresolved and inherited Karma, trauma, pain & memories
  • Understand your Soul plan and Soul contracts

Since the Akashic Records hold information on every aspect of your soul's journey, they are an amazing way to receive guidance on any question you have on your mind or in your heart:)

Many of my clients consult the records for these topics:


Thank you so much for the reading. I am still awe struck and processing all the information given. It was very emotional for me and it also brought me a lot of sense of peace at the same time.Everything resonated with me deeply and provided answers I didn’t know I needed.

 I will cherish this while applying all the valuable insight provided. I hope to keep in touch with you throughout this journey. Forever grateful, sending positive energies your way and all the best. 

Isabella Fuentes, Puerto Rico

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Mini Galactic Akashic Records Reading

learn more

Galactic Akashic records Reading

             Experience the                                 

a Galactic Akashic Records Reading brings

Experience the                                  a Galactic Akashic Records Reading brings

Step fearlessly onto your dharmic (purpose) path 

Reconnect with and integrate all aspects of YOU

Uncover and clear past life blocks, imbalances, and trauma. Activate the dormant gifts, talents, and wisdom of your soul's journey



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Christina Becker is a Reiki Master,
Galactic Akashic Records Reader, Intuitive Channel, Spiritual Teacher, & Starseed Mentor

Christina's passion is to empower others to heal themselves, evolve spiritually, and co-create their own reality. She specializes in individual and collective awakening, Starseeds/Galactic history, and the Ascension. 

Christina combines various intuitive gifts while connecting with her client’s guides, multidimensional beings, Masters, the greater cosmic family, various healing frequencies, and the Akashic Records.

She is a graduate of Debbie Solaris's Galactic Akashic Records Training.

Her sessions and trainings combine higher spiritual wisdom with practical advice, and lots of compassion:)

Meet Your Guide


I had the pleasure of meeting Christina at the Stairway to the Stars event in Las Vegas this past November and she has the most calm and welcoming energy, it definitely drew me in. With her booth I came across what was the Akashic Records and it peaked my interest a lot.

I did my research and I booked my very first reading with her. Although it was the mini session to start out on this journey, a lot of great information came in that filled me with emotion but also peace and warmth. Not only that but the way she conveyed it and explained everything was very helpful and in tune.

 I would recommend this experience to anyone who’s looking to connect and understand their origins. Thank you, Christina and keep shining your light✨

Mary G, NY

Personalized Readings

Are you ready?

Join me, Christina Becker, Cosmic Channel, Healer, and Galactic Akashic Records Reader for a journey into your soul's records

Choose your Reading!

Galactic Akashic Records Reading

Wondering if you are a starseed? This session is designed for you!
Join me to discover your cosmic origins and receive guidance
 for your soul's journey. 

Book Now

45 Minutes LIVE Zoom call

Information on 2+ lifetimes

Answers to your questions

Recording of session

Guidance on findings and best ways to integrate

session includeS:


Akashic Records Reading



* 45 Min LIVE Zoom call + 45 Min BTS research & download*

*Signature session!
Highly recommended for your FIRST Akashic Records session or if you are new to your galactic/cosmic origins*


I had an incredible session with Christina as she read my akashic records. Connecting with her shed so much light on past experiences from different times and spaces. I was able to see how things have been passed down that were subconscious and needed to be brought into my conscious awareness to be healed.

Christina is incredibly intuitive, compassionate and connected. I felt very safe with her during our session and her gentle spirit is calming. I highly recommend a reading with her.
Incredible insights will be revealed

Kara Khim, GA

Galactic Akashic Records Session

This session is a sneak peak and a shorter and budget-friendly version of my LIVE Zoom session. 
I will access the Akashic Records on your behalf, download/channel the most salient information and answers to your questions.

I will then record a video with my findings, messages, and recommendations


Asynchronous session- NO live meeting or Q&A

Information on 1-2 lifetimes

Main message of the Akashic Records for you

Answers to 2 questions

Video with information as above

Guidance on findings and best ways to integrate



Mini Galactic Akashic Record Reading

Video Recording*


* Asynchronous, NO live session or Q&A *

*NOTE: If you are new to the Akashic Records I do recommend the FULL/LIVE session. While the Mini reading can be a good sampler, it is best for shorter follow-up sessions *


I met with Christina for a mini Akashic Records reading. She is compassionate, knowledgeable, and deeply intuitive. I have no doubt she was authentically able to connect with my records and guides because she helped give me deeper clarity about my soul's mission and some of the past lifetimes and duality I am currently healing. Even her oracle cards were spot on to where I'm at on my journey!

 I highly recommend her to anyone desiring spiritual clarity.

Angie Mendoza, WA

Nourish is YOUR Sanctuary.
A safe place to remember, heal, and empower yourself.

We are multidimensional beings in
service of the light.
We have just forgotten who we are.

It is time to reconnect with our higher self, our galactic origins and star families so we can heal residual wounds, activate our wisdom and gifts, to raise our vibration individually and collectively.

You are needed.
Now more than ever!

I'm ready

Book NOW

Are you ready?

Book your Galactic Akashic Records Reading

Learn about your past lifes, clear trauma/pain memories, and activate latent wisdom and gifts

Experience a new found feeling of belonging, connect with your guides, and find your true mission in life

to be fully supported on your soul's journey




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