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Nourish is your                      for deeper healing.

We offer curated healing experiences designed to bring BODY, MIND, & SOUL back into balance



Nourish is your

for deeper healing.

We offer curated healing experiences designed to bring BODY, MIND, & SOUL back into balance

you align with your highest self and purpose in life

Spiritual and metaphysical wisdom teaches us that we are more than just a body.

In fact, we are SOUL. Which uses a vehicle with many layers: A physical, mental, emotional, astral, and energetic one to name a few. 

We therefore cannot simply “fix” our issues by focusing on only one aspect of us.

Finally uncover root causes and clear blocks and imbalances

Connect back with you and your path

Nourish all of your mind-body-spirit-energy complex 

Here at Nourish we provide personalized guidance and support you in healing ALL of YOU!

Client's Love

Today, I was sharing with my friends how PROFOUND my distance energy healing session with you has been for me and how it has helped me already with my issues!!! I am excited to schedule another one with you. THANK YOU!!

Erika D, Minnesota

I had such an Ahh-mazing Energy Healing with Christina!! She is phenomenal! The experience was relaxing and defiantly healing. She was even able to connect with one of my spirit guides that wanted to give me some advice and clarification on some internal questions I've been having but hadn't shared with anyone. I definitely look forward to another session. 

Kim K, Oahu

Christina is fantastic. She made me feel at ease for my first Reiki and cast all doubt from my mind. I would recommend her to anyone seeking spiritual growth and energetic cleansing.

Michael I, Oahu

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Receive guidance and support as you awaken, ascend, and serve others

Lightworker & Soul Mentoring

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Heal on the deepest level, recharge, and reconnect with you and your purpose

Reiki & Intuitive Energy healing

Experience the                      vibrational and spiritual wellness brings

Step fearlessly onto your dharmic (purpose) path 

Reconnect with and integrate all aspects of YOU

Uncover and clear subconscious, inherited, ancestral, karmic, and past life blocks, imbalances, and trauma


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Client's Love

I had an amazing energy session with Christina and she was so kind and patient with me. There were a lot of things I needed to release and I felt so much love radiating out of her body letting me know that I was in a safe space. I cried and released what didn't serve me and we had a great chat at the end. She gave me water, a crystal, wood to burn, and a recharge spray. Thank you so much Christina, I immediately felt refreshed after that session, ready to take on the day!

Marilyn L, Oahu

I did a virtual Reiki session with Christina. It was amazing. Christina blew me away. This was my first time doing Reiki, and virtual no less, so I was pleasantly surprised by how effective it was. Despite it being virtual, I very much felt the universal energy she sent my way throughout the entire session and she was very skilled at intuiting what was going on inside me and what I needed. I walked away feeling inspired with insight, refreshed, peaceful, hopeful and understood. I highly recommend Christina!

Efrat S, San Diego, CA

Without question, the most beautifully amazing healing energy that I've felt ever! Christina is just a wonderful pure Soul who's passion for helping others knows no limits which clearly shows through her incredible Reiki healing energy work. If you need a mini vacation for your mind, body and spirit in a beautiful peaceful, loving and healing space with a Soul who is there for YOU then you need to connect with Christina!

Neil W, Honolulu

Personalized Sessions

Join me, Christina Becker, intuitive energy healer, spiritual teacher, and lightworker mentor to heal, nourish, and align.

What do you need right now...?

REIKI- Pure & Simple

Allow the universal life force to heal and align body, mind & soul. Perfect if you need to de-stress, recharge, ground and connect with YOU!

Recharge NOW

Full Reiki healing

Chakra balancing

Aura cleanse and strengthening

Personalized smudging

Sound tools

Debrief & tailored lifestyle, wellness, and healing suggestions

session includeS:


Virtual or


Recharge NOW

* We offer discounted packages of 5-15 sessions*

Intuitive Energy Healing

Combines various energies with intuitive guidance to assess current energy flow, chakras & identifies blocks & root causes. Enhances and optimizes your natural energy flow. Great to get “unstuck”, understand what is holding you back, and reclaim a sense of ease, peace and purpose.


Chakra calibration 

Aura cleanse and strengthening

Crystal healing & Sound tools

Personalized smudging

Chakra-specific aromatherapy/essential oils

Channeled guidance/Ancestral message

Uncovering stored personal, inherited, or ancestral, karmic trauma and blocks

Tailored lifestyle, wellness, and healing suggestions



Virtual or



* We offer discounted packages of 5-15 sessions*

Starseed &
Lightworker Mentoring

Lightworkers and spiritual seekers- this is for YOU!
Whether you are an experienced healer or you just awakened and started on your spiritual path- you deserve compassionate support and guidance during this time of ascension. 

Let's Talk

Whether you just had your awakening, are aware of your intuitive gift but don't know what to do, or you are a healer experiencing lightworker fatigue or need support, mentoring sessions are organic and evolve around what you need the most.

This could include energy healing, channeled/intuitive guidance or more practical advice on your metaphysical career, spirituality, wellness, and health. 

In short, I will assist you on how to navigate your journey for your highest good.



Virtual or


Let's Talk

*Let's explore what you need on our free discovery call*

* We offer discounted packages of 5-15 sessions*

Client's Love

I had an amazing reiki session with Christina!
She is very professional, welcoming and has a lot of expertise. I felt way ‘lighter’ after our session and it brought me a sense of direction to help in the healing process of my body, mind and spirit.
I am so grateful for having found Christina’s work!

Katja K, Brazil

Thank you SO much for the amazing session yesterday. You really have a gift. ❤️
I feel great! Honestly, I woke up ready to exercise and just felt…. lighter then I have in weeks! Thank you. Truly. 🌈👏

Lauren W, Kaneohe

Christina is an incredibly intuitive and gifted person. My intuitive energy session with her helped shift things I was hoping to move through. It was a great experience and I am looking forward to booking another session.

Rachel R, Honolulu, HI


Christina Becker

I humbly use my intuitive gifts
(clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, claircognizant)
to connect with my and my client’s spiritual team and ancestors to channel healing and guidance for your highest good.

My aim is to support you on your spiritual and healing journey so you remember who you are, complete the mission you chose to come here for, while also enjoying this crazy experience called human life:)

Let’s talk about coaching/mentoring and I’ll answer your questions

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to be fully supported on your healing and spiritual journey




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Reiki can help with a wide range of physical, emotional, and mental issues such as pain, anxious feelings, depression, grief and sadness, and confidence and self esteem. It can be particularly helpful with any major life changes in career, relationship, home or family.
Moreover, when our body-mind-spirit connection is vital and aligned we feel more grounded, connected to our higher self, and are able to pursue our life goals.

What is energy healing and how is it different?

Energy healing is the general approach to healing using frequency and vibration and includes many modalities such as sound healing, tapping, Reiki and other universal energy rays. I use both Reiki and other energies and find all approaches powerful and healing.

What Is Energy healing/reiki Good For?

Reiki is an energy healing technique that originated in Japan. Reiki means “universal life force” or “spiritual energy.” This unseen energy flows through us and is what causes us and everything on our planet and in the universe to be alive. During a Reiki session a Reiki practitioner/master will channel this energy directly into you by laying or hovering hands over your body and energy field and allowing it to provide healing and balancing of body-mind-soul as needed.

What is Reiki?


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