Integrative Nutritionist and Certified Intuitive Eating Coach

Experience the freedom and confidence of intuitive eating.
Savor a happy and balanced diet-free life.

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Hi, I'm Christina! 

Integrative Nutritionist and Certified Intuitive Eating Coach

Experience the freedom and confidence of intuitive eating.
Savor a happy and balanced diet-free life.

let's get started

Hi, I'm Christina! 

Aren’t you tired of counting?

What are you counting? Calories in this and that food, steps taken, and calories burned. How about all those moments agonizing about dessert, time spent scrutinizing the menu and food labels, occasions you declined, event or vacation missed because you worried about the food temptations?

So many of us are exhausted from diets, counting every calorie, dragging our body through gruelling workouts all in the name of an illusionary body ideal.

Stop counting and see the world differently with a Non-Diet Dietitian
and Certified Intuitive Eating Coach

What would life look like if you were free from diets and felt confident in your body?

Go out for a meal without over-analysing everything on the menu

Enjoy friendships with other women without making comparisons

Feel confident wearing what you want so you can enjoy going out

Go on that vacation without dreading "bikini season"

Feel                     that your body and mind are up to whatever (food) adventure you choose

It’s time to let go of the exhaustion of following endless diets

You deserve a sustainable and compassionate approach to your 
health, wellness and life goals


I think we agree that diets and quick-fixes

don't work


Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Certified Intuitive Eating Coach
Avid Chocolate Taster,  Chai-Connoisseur, and Sourdough Baker

Hi, I’m Christina!

How My Journey Began

For most of my life I felt that I needed to lose weight. 

From an early age and all through my impressionable teenage years, a “I am/my body is not good enough” mindset got instilled by my environment, amplified by the media, and affirmed by my family and teenage peers.

As a girl developing into a woman I was at odds with my body as it fell short of whatever the body ideal of the time was. And so I started my first diet and body manipulation at the tender age of 13. And although I hate to admit it, the ghost of this mind-set took a long time to shake. 

180 Degree Turn

As a young woman, I took body dissatisfaction to a whole new level: I got accepted into a dance academy. Yes, in a world obsessed with thinness and perfection I found myself in an environment where your body is criticized and you are made to feel fat and inadequate every day.

I went back to school and trained as a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. And that is where my healing began. I realized how everything I thought about what my body should be like and what I should/shouldn't eat was not only hurting me but also untrue and I started to make peace with food and embrace my body. 

Healing to Freedom

Another major turning point for me was when life guided me on the “spiritual path”. Through my meditation practiceI I became more keenly aware of repetitious messages about food and body criticism. My yoga practice re-connected me with my body and self love. The teachings of yoga philosophy and buddhism helped me recognize where I was out of alignment with myself, and ultimately, life. In Yoga we practice what is called “Ahimsa” (non-violence). Making peace with our body (as it is), ourselves (as we come/truly are), and food (as a gift) is part of the journey.

Empowered and On a Mission

For the past 18 years working as an integrative nutritionist, I have found myself re-directing people away from dieting and towards healing, self-acceptance and self-care. Focusing on nutrition coaching using non-diet and body-image focused strategies to help women develop a positive relationship with food and their body.

And time and time again my clients felt relieved and empowered to free themselves from their diet prisons and get back to living.

So now, after healing my lifelong dance with diets and weight roller coasters, and witnessing the same struggles in others, I feel inspired and driven to guide people to quit dieting for good, discover what they are truly hungry for, and inspire them to nourish their whole being. Body, mind and soul.

Intuitive eating has enabled me to               life. I would love to share its gifts with you


"the nourish METHOD"

I envision a world where the media and culture are transformed from promoting unattainable body ideals, diet pressure, and self-sabotage to celebrating a culture of body and beauty diversity, food as nourishment, and self-care as the celebrated lifestyle. 

So part of my mission is to advocate for a culture free from negative diet talk and body-oppression.

An advocate for a culture free from unrealistic body images, diet talk and body-oppression


I invite you to join me in this quest

Start by healing yourself, or support the healing of someone you know who is stuck in the diet mentality. 
Become part of the solution, not the problem.

let's get started

Stop loathing yourself. Start loving yourself, unconditionally
Stop dieting. Start nourishing your body, mind, and soul
Stop judging or complimenting others on their looks or eating habits
Start celebrating that which truly matters: kindness, compassion, love, connectedness, to heal ourselves, each other, and the planet 

The solution is so simple:

"It was a wonderful experience for me to have Christina guide me back to mindful and intuitive eating. Now I am more aware of how and why I am eating and what I truly need which oftentimes isn’t food. It was a real eye-opener for me. It changed my life! Lol! No joke!"


A sanctuary for Any Body in need of healing from our diet-obsessed and unrealistic body image culture

You are perfectly unique, and so is your body

A healthy mind shapes a healthy life

Listen to what your 
body wants

Your trusted Integrative Nutritionist and Certified Intuitive Eating Coach

I provide 1:1 and group coaching, talks, corporate programming and seminars for Silicon Valley Fortune 50 companies, at Stanford, and my business, Nourish

● Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RD/RDN)
● Masters of Public Health, Nutrition (MPH)
● Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor 
● National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC)
● IHelP Graduate (Arizona Center of Integrative Medicine)
● Certified Hatha Yoga Teacher (YT)


“For most of us, a complicated relationship with food and our body is a sign of a deeper imbalance or misalignment in our life. Most health management prescriptions and diets sell quick fixes with band-aid approaches without exploring the deeper workings of overeating and the true triggers of our unhealthy lifestyles and lack of self-care.

Ditching the diet mentality, stopping to observe the bigger and smaller forces at hand which make us over-eat, under-move, over-stress and under-sleep will free you from chronic dieting and self-criticism so you can truly nourish you and savor life.”

Christina Becker, Nourish

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I'm ready

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It’s time to                 with the intuitive eater in you and                your whole being



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