Intuitive Eating 101
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Integrative nutritionist,
certified intuitive eating coach,
& Reiki Master

Bring your body-mind-soul back into balance
Live a healthy, aligned, and purposeful life

The world is changing.
And so are we.

And as our bodies, minds, and lives are evolving,
our approach to self care, health, and healing needs a

Nourish You, Savor Life

High-Vibe Make-Over

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Ignite your own
healing powers!

Usui Reiki Training

Integrative Health

Intutive eating

Experience Hi-Vibe coaching including integrative health and intuitive eating


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Heal on the deepest level and reconnect with you/follow your purpose


Choose Your Path...

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We are born with intrinsic healing wisdom. Become present, reconnect with you, and listen to what your body, mind, and soul need.

Reconnect with you and what you truly need

By unraveling any sabotaging beliefs about your health, life, body, and food, we unveil what truly nourishes you physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

A healthy mind empowers a healthy & Hi-Vibe life

Most diet and health prescriptions are generic and promote band aid approaches. In our work together we discover the root causes of your challenges around diet/health/life and create a unique plan just for YOU.

You are perfectly unique, and your approach to health/life needs to be, too

YOUR Wellness Sanctuary
 a safe place to heal, nourish,
& empower yourself

Christina Becker, Nourish

Let go of the exhaustion of following cookie cutter diet, health, and life prescriptions. 

But if you don’t know how, or don’t know where to begin, let me be your guide

I’m Christina. After working in health and wellness for 20 years I know what works and what does not.

In fact, I have seen how conventional health, wellness, and nutrition recommendations are not only failing to bring results, they also leave many people less healthy, more confused, and, frankly, hopeless.

As a licensed health and nutrition professional turned intuitive energy healer and Hi-Vibe living expert I combine science, spirituality, and metaphysical healing to help you discover what nutrition/foods and lifestyle practices optimize your vibration so you can live in your flow, attract health, abundance, and connect back with you and your purpose.

Live a Hi-Vibe Life instead

By embracing that everything we think, do, and ingest is energy, we gain a different perspective and a new lease on life. 

Ditch generic health and nutrition prescriptions
Reconnect with your inner
wellness expert &
Learn how to experience the freedom and confidence to
live a happy, balanced,
 and Hi-Vibe life
by following your own intuition and wisdom

Online and phone
Appointments Available 

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It’s time to             your vibration by
 your whole being



It’s time to             your vibration by
                   your whole being

Schedule YOUR healing session 
 book a discovery call to explore which Hi-Vibe coaching is right for you

 It’s time to heal the deepest layers and learn how to nourish all of you. I’ll be there to guide and support you as you manifest a new, authentic, and heart centered approach to life

Discover how it feels to think differently about your health, self care, food, and your body. Embrace Hi-Vibe living and manifest the life you want

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Let’s get started

Start YOUR journey

Transform Your Life





“There was so much more to my nutrition goals that I didn't even realize at first. I was so overwhelmed with the thoughts of "what and how should I eat?" and “I should look this way”, but the sessions brought out some deep rooted feelings of wellness and connecting back with “me”. What I need. What nourishes me. It felt liberating to let go of the “should’s” and focus on my own inner wisdom.”


Imagine what your life would be like if you gave up limiting, self sabotaging beliefs, thoughts, and habits? 
What changes or what new opportunities would Hi-Vibe living open up in your life?

Online ANd
PHONE appointments available

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Nourish is YOUR Wellness Sanctuary.
A safe place to heal, nourish, and empower yourself.

We are frequency. Everything is frequency.
Every thought you have, every word you speak, every action you take affects your vibration and therefore health, wellbeing, and life.
We can no longer hold on to outdated, low vibe approaches.

The new, and only way forward is intuitive, sovereign, and frequency-conscious.

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Are you ready?

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