Intuitive Eating 101
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Experience the freedom and confidence of intuitive eating 
Savor a happy and balanced diet-free life 

Integrative nutritionist and certified intuitive eating coach

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Many women have struggled through years of dieting.
I think we agree that diets and quick-fixes don’t work.
Let go of the exhaustion of following endless diets.

 Are you ready?

Nourish You, Savor Life

It's time for a new approach

Experience mindful and intuitive nutrition coaching

Stop dieting and experience a happy and balanced life

Embrace your body and food without judgement

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A sanctuary for Any Body in need of healing from our diet-obsessed and unrealistic body image culture

Christina Becker, Nourish

Health is not determined by weight. Our work together focuses on deeper and more meaningful aspects of your wellness and life goals than just weight or weight loss.

By unravelling any false beliefs about your body and food we unveil what truly nourishes you physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

We were born intuitive eaters. Make peace with your body. Let go of diet thinking and learn how to listen to your body’s hunger-fullness cues.

You are perfectly unique, and so is your body

A healthy mind shapes a healthy life

Listen to what your 
body wants

Let go of the exhaustion of following endless diets. It’s time for a

But if you don’t know how, or don’t know where to begin, let me be your guide

I’m Christina and I know what it is like to be at odds with food and your body

I’ve seen how confused people become trying to make sense of the conflicting nutrition information they see on social media, hear from their family, friends and co-workers, or see in the media. 

The misinformation and stereotypes about what we ‘should’ look and eat like are everywhere. 

As a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with experience as a non-diet, intuitive eating coach I help women transform the way they think about food and their body. Liberating them from restrictive eating and a negative body image mind-set.

new approach

By changing our thoughts about our body, food, we gain a different perspective and a new lease on life

Ditch the diets and learn how to experience the freedom and confidence to live a happy and balanced life without food restrictions. Rediscover your favorite foods and the joy of eating. 

Online and Telephone Appointments Available 

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It’s time to                 with the intuitive eater in you and                your whole being

Book your discovery call and I’ll answer any questions you have about embarking on your road to experiencing life without dieting

It’s time to start learning about how you can have a new, positive relationship with food. I’ll be there to guide and support you as you ditch the diets

Discover how it feels to think differently about food and your body. Freeing yourself from negativity and savoring a happy and balanced life

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Transform Your Life






“There was so much more to my nutrition goals that I didn't even realize at first. I was so overwhelmed with the thoughts of "what and how should I eat?" and “I should look this way”, but the sessions brought out some deep rooted feelings of wellness and connecting back with “me”. What I need. What nourishes me. It felt liberating to let go of the “should’s” and focus on my own inner wisdom.”


Imagine what your life would be like if you gave up negative views about your body and the thoughts of attempting to change it? What would freedom from worries about your body feel like? What new changes could take place in your life?

Online AND TELEPHONE appointments available

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Nourish is a sanctuary for Any Body in need of healing from our diet-obsessed and unrealistic body image culture

Experience the freedom that comes with ditching the diets and confidence of being comfortable in your own body. Allowing you to truly savor a happy and balanced life. 

I'm ready

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Are you ready?

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