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Integrative Nutritionist and Certified Intuitive Eating Coach

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Live Nourished, Whole and Balanced

Connecting you with what you need to feel your best, and thrive

Personalized guidance and support helping you successfully achieve your health and wellness goals

Finally understand why you’ve have been “failing” and learn a new way to make desired habits last

Ditch quick fixes and extreme health makeovers

Create sustainable, life-long healthy habits

Integrative wellness embodies the philosophy and practice of healing-oriented medicine, addressing mind, body and spirit, taking account of all lifestyle factors that influence your health and well-being

Client's Love

"Christina’s philosophy about nutrition goes beyond food…her gentle guidance encompassed what I also needed to feed my soul, and a reminder that I have the inner wisdom to take care of myself and listen to the cues from my body and my heart. Christina is very down-to-earth and relatable. I love her compassion, wisdom, and humor. She helped me become “unstuck,” and provided me with tools and resources that I continue to use. Christina’s contact info will remain in my phone, since she is someone I know I will reach out to again!"


Client's Love

"This was the most personalized guidance I have ever received. I liked how our sessions revolved around my needs and where I felt I was in the process. Christina is wonderful and I appreciate her calm and empathic approach. The sessions were not about "eat this, don't eat that". It was more how I felt eating certain foods but mainly how I felt in my body and in my life." 


Navigating Stress & Boosting Resilience

Sleep and Movement

Healthy Eating

Mindfulness and Self-care

Successful Goal Setting

Wellness Foundations

What Is Your Main Focus?

Optimizing Nutrition

Blood Sugar

Gut Health& IBS

Heart Health

Women's Health

Experience the                     that integrative health and wellness coaching brings

Improve your general health and wellness, focusing on nourishing your whole self by looking at your life and circumstances

All assessments include goal setting around sleep, stress, movement, nutrition, connection, environment, and spirituality

Create your wellness vision with short and long term goals and set yourself up for success with a behavior change expert


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Client's Love

“Christina has had a huge impact on my life. Through my sessions with her I have grown so much and her guidance has changed my beliefs about wellness and health behaviors forever.”


Client's Love

"I loved being able to talk to someone who I felt was interested in the conversation, like a friend. It didn’t feel at all like I was paying for Christina’s time, or that she wanted to be anywhere else but talking to me. I liked being able to be myself without putting up that guard. Christina made me feel safe and heard. It was a wonderful experience."

Anne W

Join me, Christina Becker, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Integrative Wellness Coach, to get from  "I should" to "I want and will" and, ultimately "I do"

1 In-depth integrative health and wellness assessment

2 Personalized follow up sessions

Detailed self-care assessment and roadmap

Access to the confidential client portal with online logs and virtual sessions

Email support between sessions

Wellness and eating logs reviews

Personalized Nourish Method self-care package:

(Guided wellness vision & vision board practice, personalized mantra, curated mindfulness practices, self care gems and more)




Integrative Wellness  Package

3 Sessions

"I use my extensive coaching experience to help my clients to achieve meaningful and lasting behavior change. My coaching programs are designed to provide consistency and accountability through regular follow-ups ups and provide the needed support and guidance to transform your health patterns and life"

Christina Becker, Nourish

Let’s talk about the personalized program and I’ll answer your questions

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