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Absolutely! One thing I love most about Reiki is that everyone can learn it. There are 3 stages to reiki training. Learn more about which training is right for you here. Get on our mailing list and/or email about next Reiki Training dates.

 can I learn reiki myself?

Many people ask how often you should have Reiki treatment and how many Reiki sessions are needed. As with every healing modality, this depends on your unique situation. A one-off session can bring great benefits and clarity, however, for most of working on deeply rooted blocks and issues, ongoing sessions will provide longer-lasting benefits and offers deeper healing as Reiki sessions build on one another.
If you’re dealing with a health challenge or specific issue, book three sessions as a starting point.

How Often Should You get energy healing/Reiki?

No. Energy healing, including Reiki, is a safe approach for anyone at any age.
However, I do advise my clients to not book sessions when they are under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Any contraindications?

Distance or Virtual Healing/Reiki, is a technique which allows the healing practitioner to offer healing when the recipient is in a different geographic location and not physically present and in the same room. Since everything is connected (think Quantum Physics), the benefits are exactly the same.

What Is Distance Healing?

Clients have very different experiences. Many people report feeling deeply relaxed, peaceful, and a sense of calm in their bodies. Others report feeling lighter emotionally, a reduction of pain or a sense for clarity. Sometimes old symptoms pop up as they are being cleared. Those symptoms are actually a good sign and dissolve quickly.

How will I feel after?

Some notice a warming or tingly sensation or a sense of relaxation in their body. Others see colors, images or symbols. It is not unusual to fall asleep or have an emotional release. Others don’t experience anything in particular but leave the session feeling lighter, relaxed, and peaceful.

What does the experience feel like?

Energy healing and Reiki practitioners are initiated into various universal energies or “rays” and transfer them into you by either placing their hands onto your body, hovering hands over your body/energy field, or mentally directing said energy. Some practitioners also use sacred symbols and words to invoke the healing powers. Nowadays most practitioners use a variety of skills including sound healing, chanting, smudging, crystals to name a few. Ask your practitioner for more details:)

What does an energy healer do during the session?

I like to take a few moments to sit down with my clients and check in with them and answer any questions before we start. During a session you will lie fully clothed on a comfy massage table. I tend to gently place my hands on or slightly above your body or in your auric field and work from head to toes. We end with a debrief about he session and any recommendations.

What happens during a Energy Healing/reiki session?

Reiki & Energy Healing


Interested in working together?

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I do my best to curate each group for a special experience and best learning. My students are usually awakened souls eager to heal, raise their vibration, and be of service to others. 

Who else will be in my training?

Reiki is non-denominational and open to all religions and belief systems. As you learn and practice Reiki you will develop your own unique expression with this healing energy that can include your religious beliefs and practices.

Does Reiki conflict with my religion?

Reiki is a form of healing. While many Reiki practitioners experience their sensitivity and awareness increasing and latent psychic abilities waking up, these abilities alone are not focused on healing. In addition, the practice of Reiki is a spiritual pursuit and requires a certain devotion to service, a commitment to daily self practice, and a high level of integrity.

Is being a Reiki practitioner the same as being a psychic or medium?

Definitely! Your sensitivity to the healing energy will be heightened and your body-mind-spirit complex will absorb, release, and integrate more deeply and quickly. It basically amplifies the experience.

After I do Reiki training, does my own experience of a Reiki session change?

In the past, the journey from level 1 practitioner to Reiki Master was a long and dedicated one. As things are changing rapidly the learning periods are shortened. For level 1 graduates I recommend practicing for 6 weeks to 6 months before Reiki II training. And for level 2 graduates a minimum of 6-12 months dedicated practice before Master training. A combined 1+2 level is a nice option for those with a deep calling to become practitioners.
In general it is more a question of the “quality” of your dedication, daily practice, and integration process than time and I counsel my students on an individual basis on best progression. 

How long does it take to complete all Reiki trainings?

Yes! Reiki is energy and not bound by time or place. Therefore, the unique attunement process of Reiki during which the energy is passed from Reiki Master to student can be offered from anywhere to anywhere in the world. 

Can I really learn Reiki virtually?

Yes, Reiki is an easy and highly effective method to give yourself healing and vibrational self care every day. The more you practice the stronger the effect. Learn more about our upcoming Usui lineage Reiki in-person and virtual training options.

Can I give myself Reiki?

Absolutely! Reiki, the universal life force, is available and accessible to all of us. You don’t need any special skills. Most young children naturally do Reiki with little instruction. Clinical trials have shown that even those who are skeptical can effectively heal with minimal training.
All it takes is the initiation of a Reiki Master to open and deepen your own connection to this beautiful healing gift.

Can Anyone Learn Reiki?

Reiki Training

How Do I Make An Appointment/How do I get started?

Do You Offer In-Person Sessions?

Click here to schedule your free discovery call with Christina/me. In this first meet and greet I can learn more about your needs, answer any questions, and recommend the right program for you.

Already set on your program? Click here to enroll. You’ll be able to complete payment, registration and receive scheduling information/link.

I am available for virtual and phone sessions around the world. I do offer in-person speaking engagements and worksite wellness events in the San Francisco/Bay area and travel upon request.

How will we communicate?

I use a HIPPA compliant telehealth platform for secure messaging and video conferencing for sessions and in between check ins.

Do you treat eating disorders?

My coaching programs aren't appropriate for people struggling with active eating disorders. However, if you are considered in recovery your provider can refer you to me for Intuitive Eating coaching. I will work jointly with your provider/team to ensure a safe and supportive healing journey.
If you have an active eating disorder, please see the National Eating Disorders Association for referrals.

How much are your packages?

Fees vary per package/service and I offer a10% discount for 1:1 packages if you decide to pay in full upon enrollment. Check out my services pages for program pricing or book your discovery call for more information.

How many sessions do I need?

My packages are personalized to your needs and where you are on your healthy eating journey. Book a free discovery call so I can learn about you and which package can support you best.

Can I use my insurance?

I do not accept insurance but can provide a superbill (medical receipt) for you to submit. 

Please contact your insurance directly and inquire about out-of-network benefits to see a registered dietitian (CPT codes: initial session 97802, follow-up sessions 97803) and any relevant requirements such as pre-authorization, amounts covered, and deductible requirements.

Coaching General FAQs

I’ve tried so many diets already. Will this one work for me?

Luckily Intuitive Eating is not a diet! It is an entirely different approach to health and eating which focuses on ditching the diet mentality so you can make peace with food and your body.

Will I lose weight?

Many of my clients are at odds with their body and are looking for a new way to lose weight. However, in order to help you become an intuitive eater, we have to put weight loss on the backburner. In fact, many of my clients feel relieved to not focus on weight for the first time in their lives. By exploring your relationship to food and attune you to your body’s signals you’ll shift to intuitive nourishment and your weight might change. But this is not the focus of our work. Through the journey of intuitive eating you will heal your mind from the diet mentality, your body from the trauma of diets, and your weight will find its’ “True north”.

“I heard that I can eat whatever and as much as I want on this program. That sounds like a recipe for binge eating and weight gain!”

This is one of the biggest concerns I hear. Interestingly enough, our restrictive diet thinking is much more of a trigger for overeating. Even science is showing this. But once you’ve made peace with all foods and know how to listen to your body’s feelings of hunger, fullness, and satisfaction your food choices and eating patterns will normalize and “off limit” foods will lose their appeal.

How long is this going to take?

Everybody's process is different. It depends on your personal history of dieting and “un-intuitive” eating. Some of us have a lot of diet mentality to let go off and others need to re-learn to connect with their body, it’s signals, and their true needs. While this sounds like a lot to do it is meaningful work and will get you off the diet roller coaster for good. My packages are designed to meet you where you are at and help you build habits that nourish while shedding those which don’t.

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Intuitive Eating FAQs


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